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Dr. Vivek Gupta


Pathology is the scientific study of disease. In clinical practice and medical education, Pathology also has a wider meaning: Pathology constitutes a large body of Scientific Knowledge, ideas and investigative methods essential for the understanding and practice of modern Medicine. Sir William Osler, perhaps the greatest physician of recent times said:

As is your Pathology, so is your practice. One cannot become a competent physician or surgeon without a full knowledge of Pathology.

Pathology is continually subject to change, revision and expansion as the application of new scientific methods illuminates our knowledge of disease.

Our Department of Pathology made a humble beginning in the year 2005 with the inception of this Hospital with Hematology, Clinical Pathology, Histopathology and Cytolopathology sections. With the advent of Hind Medical College our first batch of II MBBS students arrived in the Nov. 2009.With this there was Increase in the workload of Hematology, Clinical Pathology, Histopathology and Cystopathology. In the year 2009, the Pathology Museum was established having more than 500 specimens.

As time passed, we got O-H Projectors, LCD Projectors, Digital Microscope with camera and screen fitting a cryostat (frozen sections) fully automatic cell counter, ABG Machine, Fully Automated Chemistry Analyzer and Electrolyte Analyzer etc. In the year 2012 we were given permission for 1st year PG student. Thereafter, every year a batch of four PG students were being admitted to our Department. Until now eight batches of 2nd year MBBS students have passed out under our guidance and mentorship.

Our department at HIND Medical College is well equipped with state of art facilities and has a team of highly motivated & experienced faculty members. We are trying to make our department an excellent one for the purpose of undergraduates and postgraduates training, research activities as well as to provide accurate investigative reports with sufficient internal and external quality control measures.

As you will go through the details you will appreciate that we are going from strength to strength.


At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  1. To provide prompt & accurate diagnosis in various sections like Histopathology, Cytopathology, Clinical Pathology, Clinical chemistry and hematology.
  2. To teach and train medical undergraduates in theory and practicals so that as future clinicians they make best use of this branch. To facilitate this there are all possible audio visual aids like CCTV, LCD projector, O.H.P., slide projector & computer etc.
  3. To train & guide post graduate students so that they may become pathologists of high standard who are to help the suffering patients through their precise diagnostic skills. They will also be trained to become good researchers & teachers.
  4. Research activities - Besides latest instruments & proper infrastructure there is a very well equipped departmental library having latest reference books, journal & internet connection.


  1. To educate UG and PG in Pathology thoroughly so that wherever He / She is Posted He / She does His / Her duty confidently and works for the management of patients.
  2. Some students might take up jobs in the remote areas after their exposes to these patients.
  3. Thus our aim is to reach one to teach one and serve all.

We have a strong team of experienced, faculty members who not only do the reporting duty sincerely but are also actively engaged to mentor UG and PG students in Pathology.

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