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Dr. Rahul Kawatra


Today the practice of ENT & HNS extends from dura to pleura including ear nose and throat, the skull base, neck, mediastinum and upper gastrointestinal tract. The Department of ENT and HNS came into existence with the aim of teaching the undergraduate students; provide quality ENT care to needy patients and to produce a basic medical professional.

The Department of ENT started in 1984 has been there since the inception of the college. ENT is an essential component of all undergraduate medicine programs. It is a one year course and forms a part of one of the clinical sciences for MBBS. About 80-100 patients attend OPD, The ENT ward with 30 beds & around 5 patients undergo operations at our hospital every day.


All the faculty members actively participate at various health checkup camps, workshops & conferences. About 10 papers have been published by the faculty in various Journals. The teaching under taken in the Department of ENT is supported by well equipped facilities.


  1. Temporal bone lab, museum and library for the undergraduates & faculty
  2. Audiological assessment through pure tone audiometry, impedence audiometry, OAE and BERA are available.
  3. Vertigo clinic, tumour clinic are available.
  4. Microscopic &endoscopic ear surgeries, endoscopic minimal invasive and invasive nasal surgeries ,laryngeal surgeries and head & neck surgeries are undertaken.