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Dr. Jyoti Srivastava

Department of Microbiology

"When observation is concern, Chances favors only prepared mind"

-Louis Pasteur

Department of Microbiology is a perfect blend of Academic, Diagnostic & research activities. The faculty actively participates in teaching & corrective evaluation of both undergraduate & Post-graduate students throughout the year, by means of Lectures, Practical demonstrations, tutorials & periodic evaluation of students. The department has a very strong clinical microbiological diagnostic set up actively monitored by the faculty in charge of each section. They are also actively carrying out research activities in their respective fields of interest in Microbiology.

In 2014 the MCI granted first batch of post graduate students to the department of Microbiology by starting M.D. course.

The department has organized several seminars, CME, and workshops. From time to time various eminent speakers of international repute have visited the department for guest lectures.

At present the department is well equipped with almost all the the advanced facility for clinical diagnostics and research work like

  • Automated culture system for blood
  • Automated bacterial identification and sensitivity system
  • Automated and conventional TB culture system (The Mycobacteriology Laboratory of Hind Medical College is also a National certified diagnostic Laboratory for MDR TB diagnosis under RNTCP)
  • Line Probe Assay for MDR-TB detection and XDR TB Detection
  • Line Probe Assay for MDR-TB detection and XDR TB Detection
  • PCR (Nested) System
  • Real Time PCR
  • Virology laboratory with continuous cell line and inverted microscope
  • Immuno-Flourescent microscope

Department having well qualified & experience Faculties for UG and PG Teaching.

Services in Various Laboratories: Department of Microbiology giving Laboratory Diagnostic services of Patient's Samples in respective well Equipped and Furnished Laboratories namely Bacteriology, Mycobacteriology, Virology, Parasitology, Immunology, Serology & Mycology, doing various tests like Culture & Sensitivity, VDRL, Widal, Typhidot, T3T4TSH, Aso, CRP, RA Factor, HBsAg, HIV, HCV, Dengue, AFB Staining, RNTCP Lab, Fungal Culture, Stool Examination, occult Blood.

There are Specialized Laboratories Namely UG Practical Lab, Post Graduate lab, Research Lab, Molecular PCR Lab & Automated Blood Culture Lab (Bactec 9050).

There are continuous research work going on & Publishing papers in National & International Journal Uptill 9 Papers - Published in National & International Journals.

Ongoing Studies - Thesis & research work on

1. NDM - 1 gene detection in Escherichia coli
2. Prevalence of Dermatophytes
3. Hospital Acquired Infection
4. Detection of Candida species & its antimicrobial sensitivity
1- Department is having a Seminar Room & Demonstration room with audio - Visual aids. Departmental Library having books with latest editors, National and International journals available

2- UG Teaching (MBBS)

  • Lectures & Practical Classes conducted by Faculties & PGs Tutors
  • Integrated Seminars
  • Microteaching

3- Departmental Activites

  • Seminars & Journal Club conducted by Post Graduate Students (MD Microbiology)
  • Case Discussions on recent topics
  • Clinical based study - discussion with Senior Faculties.

Other Activities:

  • HICC- (Hospital Infection Control Committee)
  • Doing Surveillance of OTs, wards & IUCs
  • Training, Monitoring & sensitization of health care workers
  • Meeting held regularly
  • ICTC Center under NACO Guideline
  • Paramedical Teaching
  • Teaching of Nursing staff
  • DMLT Teaching
  • CME, workshops & Interactive, interdepartmental seminars conducting regularly to update with latest knowledge.
  • Monitoring of Quality of Air, Water and food
  • Quality control of Laboratory (QA & QC)
  • Interaction and coordination with other clinical department for update and upgradation of services.

PG Curriculum MD Microbiology

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