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Dr. Devesh Prasad Mishra


TB & Chest department is a very important for all the undergraduates and it is one of the fastest growing specialties in last few decades because of the newer challenges like MDR- (T.B) & X-DR-(T.B).). It is integral part of Medicine, Teaching & Training of MBBS Students.. It is not only limited to tuberculosis & now so many other diseases like ILD, COPD with Respiratory - Critical casesare included in the Department. Several data & research work are undertaken in the Department of TB & Chest.



Data collection & research are going on these fields :

  1. Pattern of Tuberculosis, its treatment & side effects of Antitubercular therapy.
  2. Burden of MDR at Tertiary - care center & its treatment.
  3. 3. Role of regular PFR (Peak Flow Rate) in OAD (Obstructive airway disease) & its effect on treatment adherence.
  4. Spirometry in OAD.
  5. Allergy testing at Tertiary - care center to study pattern of allergens.
  6. Desensitization with immunotherapy in allergy cases & its role to reduce symptoms.
  7. Aspergillus skin test in OAD & prevalence of aspegillus positivity.
  8. Prevalence of Eosinophelia in tertiary setting & response to treatment.


  1. OPD
  2. IPD (Ward) Male & Female/ Tub. and Non Tub.
  3. RICU (Respiratory ICU)
  4. Spirometry & DLCO (Diffusion Study)
  5. Bronchoscopy
  6. Allergy Testing & Immunotherapy
  7. Deaddiction Clinic for Tobacco & Smoking
  8. Sleep Study (Polysomnography)
  9. Museum
  10. Departmental Library
  11. DOTS Center & Sputum Microscopy Lab


  • Occupational Lung Disease
  • Running Respiratory Rehebilitation


Dr. Haseeb Khan

Department of PSYCHIATRY

The branch of Psychiatry has grown significantly in past 6-7 decades. The era of exorcism and black magic and other unscientific therapies have been replaced by modern scientific methods of treating mental disorders. Psychiatry is a field of Medicine which deals with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of mental, emotional and behavioral disorders. Department has maintained the tradition of active contribution in service, training and research activities of the Institute. It has liaison with various clinical departments in the hospital including General Medicine, Neurology, surgery Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Surgery and Child Health etc.


Undergraduate Medical Education:

Department of Psychiatry involve in teaching M.B.B.S. students- both through didactic lectures and clinical posting.

Library: Library provides study material on mental health, psychological aspect and access to both national and international journals. It also has number of books on mental illness, psychological counseling and psychotherapy to support and caters to the study needs of faculty members, doctors, researchers, students and staff in their research, teaching and training activities. Library has internet access to vast journal , online educational sites and e-book for exploring and in depth knowledge in the field of psychiatry.

Out Patient Department (OPD)

Timing- 9:00am to 4:00pm

Patients with mental health problems (Anxiety, depression, Schizophrenia, Bipolar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder etc) are being treated by our qualified consultant. Facilities are available for psychological tests. (eg. roraschach test, TAT, Bhatiya battery, IPDE, 16 PF etc.),Rating Scale (eg.HDRS, MMSE, BPRS, YMRS, AUDIT, YBOCS, PANNS), counseling and psychotherapy.

Some of the conditions that are treated are:

The Psychiatry Department also conducts Alcoholic Anonymous Meetings once a week on Friday along with Public Information Meetings once in a few months. Recently, the department has also started Community Psychiatry Clinic once in a week at Satrikh, Barabanki.


Name of clinic Days Timing
1. Child Guidance Clinic,
2. Family Counselling
Monday 9 am to 2pm
1. Clinic for Senile disorder,
2. Community Psychiatry(HelpLine)
Tuesday 9 am to 2pm
1. Neuro Psychiatry clinic for Elderly ,
2. Participation in National Mental Health Program
Wednesday 9 am to 2pm
Psycho Motor clinic Thursday 9 am to 2pm
Deaddiction Friday 9 am to 2pm
Memory Clinic Saturday 9 am to 2pm

In Patient Ward(IPD)

The average occupancy in Psychiatry ward is quite good. The various procedures administered to Psychiatry inpatients as a part of therapeutic intervention include:

  • ECTs
  • Electro sleep therapy
  • Relaxation & others Exercises
  • Narco Analysis
  • Psychotherapeutic Intervention etc.

The inpatients' unit also has a side Pathology Lab with the facility to carry out the routing blood and urine investigations

Besides all these activities the department of Psychiatry is also involved in teaching M.B.B.S. students- both through didactic lectures and clinicals.

Training in psychiatry prepares the students to interview the patient, establish rapport, elicit detailed psychiatric case history, conduct mental status assessment, assessment of psychopathological symptoms & signs, diagnose and manage common psychiatric disorders, follow principles of consultation-liaison psychiatry; and hence to deliver preventive, promotive, creative & re-habilitative services for psychiatric patients- both in family & in community. Emphasis is also laid upon handling psychiatric emergencies and referring complications/ unusual manifestations of common disorders & rare psychiatric disorders to the specialist.

In Patient ward facility include ward separated for Male & Female each having 15 beds.

Emergency Services: Patients are seen any time in 24 hours emergency service. we also have 24 hour telephonic help line services.

ELECTROENCEPHALOGRAPHY (EEG)- TO use in patients with organic brain pathology

ELECTROCONVULSIVETHERAPY (ECT): Treat severe psychiatric illness and suicidal patients. Only modified ECT use in collaboration with anesthesia team.

BIOFEEDBACK - Relaxationtherapy





PROJECTIVE TEST: Roraschah test, TAT



Dr. Vijay Kumar Goel

Department of General Surgery

The Department of Surgery started since the inception of HIMS in year2007 1st Batch of MBBS started in 2009. HIMS Safedabad Barabanki was recognized in year 2013 vide letter no.U.12012/548/2014-ME(P-II) by MCI Surgery is an essential and major subject for undergraduate MBBS course. This basic science for MBBS starts from 4th semester to 9th semester in which education of the highest standard was taught by theory lectures, clinical posting , live demonstration of operative surgery and microteaching etc, under guidance of experienced faculty. This hospital is recognized for Internship training.


At the end of the course, the student should be able to:

To impart par excellence teaching environment for UG and PG students. The department undertakes special efforts to upgrade and sustain the recent methods of teaching & operative skills.

To facilitate students for group discussions, presentations, and overall personal and academic development.


  1. OT: - There are 6 OT's. There are four major OT's with two minor OT's. There is separate emergency OT near casualty department. There is separate endoscopic & laparoscopic OT with all equipment for various procedures like Lap cholecystectomy, PCNL, ESWL, TURP, upper GI endoscopy etc
  2. Lecture theaters: - There are five lecture theaters where subject of surgery is being taught through lectures, demonstrations, and seminars. These lecture theaters are well equipped with computers, OHP, sound systems etc.
  3. Museum: - There is one museum with various specimens, chart and posters.
  4. Library-Central library is well equipped with books, journals and in access to many online journals. There is separate departmental library well equipped with books and journals.
  5. Superspecialization department: - There are fully functional Reconstructive Surgical Center and Urology Department doing various operations of their specialty.

Research: - Various research works are being done with collaboration of others Departments. The postgraduate course in Surgery is going to start very soon for which preparations have been done.

This department simultaneously caters to the academic needs of undergraduate students of MBBS, internship training, emergency trauma case, nursing and paramedical courses.


Dr. Nalini Tripathi

Department of DENTISTRY

At present the department is running on first floor new building 07 rooms, Department has well equipped 03 dental chairs, dental minor O.T., dental laboratory, X- ray room with adequate facilities. Well trained faculty is available for paediatric dental problems, dental implants, prosthetic, periodontal, facial trauma & orthodontic treatments in the department. Dental hygienists and Dental mechanics of the department are also well trained and they are devoted to their work. A large number of patients visit dental department with various dental problems. Department is gradually growing towards the heights in the profession.

Research and Development Activity

Research under the title "Oral Pap Smear for the Assessment of Adverse Effects of Tobacco on Patients" is going on by Dr. Nalini Tripathi (Associate Professor).

Facilities Available

Dental related X-ray, Scaling & root planning, gingival curettage, gingivectomy, flap surgeries, regenerative surgeries, perio-plastic surgeries, Paediatric dental treatments, esthetics restorations, root canal treatments (RCT), extraction of tooth, treatment of maxillofacial trauma, cyst, tumours & TMJ Surgeries, Orthodontics treatments, removable & fixed Prosthetic treatments (RPD/FPD) & dental implants.


  • Department is doing regular CME's & Workshops
  • Faculty regularly attends conferences & workshops in their respective fields
  • Oral cancer detections and its treatment is done.
  • No. of papers published 7.


Dr. Rekha Khare


The foundation of educational and health care services can be traced back to the establishment of hind Charitable Charitable Trust and subsequent opening of HIND Medical College to fulfil its promises of not only providing world class health care for the people but also to provide excellent educational facilities for students from across the country. Being the back bone of any hospital or Medical College, the department of Radio-diagnosis plays immense role in the management of patient in giving the diagnosis of lesion. This is located in the main OPD block of the Hospital.

The department has all modern diagnostic facilities like MRI scanner with work station, CT � 16 Slice scanner, diagnostic X-ray equipments with IITV facility, ultrasound, colour Doppler, 3D-4D USG and mammography unit, CR system with DW camera and Digital subs traction angiography unit (DSA). The department gives round the clock diagnostic and emergency services to cater the needs of rural population in the region in and around Barabanki City of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. The diagnostic services are provided at reasonable rates and during the camps most of indoor x-rays and USG examinations are done free of cost. Academic and research activities go simultaneously with health delivery system of medical college. The department is having full time teaching and training programs.

The goal of the department is to orient and train the students on different aspects of diagnostics and interventional Radiology in the diseases of various systems of human body with academic activities of highest order to achieve research orientation. With these goals student achieve the objective of:

  • Understanding the basics of x-ray production, its uses and hazards
  • Appreciating and diagnosing the changes in bones - like fractures, infections, tumours and metabolic bone diseases
  • To identify and diagnose various radiological changes in disease conditions of Chest and Mediastinum, Musculo-skeletal system, Gastro Intestinal Tract, Hepatobiliary system and Genito Urinary (G.U.) system, Nervous System etc.
  • To learn about various imaging techniques, including Ultrasongraphy (USG), Computerised Tomography (C.T.), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (M.R.I.), Nuclear Imaging and D.S.A.

the Department of Radiodiagnosis at HIMS, we are providing the highest quality of medical imaging and radiology educational experiences. In today's complex medical environment, the role of medical imaging is becoming more important to the diagnosis and follow up of many illness & conditions

Our department offers the full spectrum of diagnostic radiology including plain films, conventional contrast procedures, USG, CT, MRI, DSA, Mammography and interventional radiology. All services utilize the most advanced safe and cost effective technology available to provide cutting edge radiographic service to our patients

The department of radiology has been a recognize training center affiliated with U.P State Medical Faculty for Diploma in X- ray technician & C.T technician training.

Services provided :

  • Plain radiography ( X -Ray )
  • Tomography.
  • Barium studies
  • Ultrasound with Doppler & electrograph
  • Whole body C.T
  • MRI
  • Intravenous Urography
  • Micturating cystouretherogram
  • Hysterosalpingography
  • Mammography


Dr Utkarsh Bansal

Department of PAEDIATRICS

Department of Pediatrics is a vibrant and active department. The department is involved in clinical work, contemporary research addressing the issues unique to the children of a developing country. Imparting education and training to the budding doctors using innovative techniques is a priority. Each faculty member is pursuing a subspeciality interest besides doing General Pediatrics. To achieve this end they all attend regular CMEs and training sessions. All have had training at reputed institutions in India and abroad. A wholesome and compassionate care by the department has made it extremely popular in the area and is a favoured referral centre for the pediatricians of the area. The NICU and PICU are equipped with state of art equipment to render the best contemporary services to sick children attending the hospital. To make the hospital experience less painful for children painting competitions, fun games etc are organized from time to time. Even in the hospital such needs of children are considered in a empathic manner.

To focus on the childhood diseases, their identification and comprehensive management, department conducts regular camps in the hospital and the field. Implementation of National Programmes are attended to as a responsibility. Immunization, nutrition, anaemia, ARI and diarrhea management is as per the national guidelines. IMNCI an important component of RCH II has been taken up in a big way. All faculty members are IMNCI trainers. The programme has been incorporated in the undergraduate curriculum. We have conducted workshops for training of faculty from other Medical Colleges.

The department has a well equipped library with books of all specialties and subspecialties. There are several paper and online journals that add to the knowledge of ever questing minds of the physicians in the department.


The goal of teaching undergraduate students is to allow them to acquire adequate knowledge and appropriate skill for dealing optimally with the major health problems of children.


The objective of undergraduate teaching is that at the end of the course the student is able to

  1. Describe the normal growth and development during foetal life, neonatal period, childhood and adolescence and outline any deviation.
  2. Describe the common paediatric disorders and emergencies in terms of epidemiology etiopathogenesis, clinical manifestations, diagnosis, rational therapy and rehabilitation.
  3. State age related requirements of calories, nutrients, fluids, drugs etc. in health and disease.
  4. Describe preventive strategies for common infectious disorders, malnutrition, genetic and metabolic disorders, poisonings, accidents and child abuse.
  5. Outline national programmes relating to child health including immunization programmes.

At the end of the course, the student is able to:

  1. Take a detailed pediatric history, conduct an appropriate physical examination of children including neonates, make clinical diagnosis, conduct common bedside investigative procedures, interpret common laboratory investigation results and plan and institute therapy;
  2. Take anthropometric measurements, resuscitate newborn infants at birth, prepare oral rehydration solution, perform tuberculin test, administer vaccines available under current national programmes, perform venesection, start an intravenous saline.
  3. Conduct diagnostic procedures such as lumbar puncture, liver and kidney biopsy bone marrow aspiration pleural tap and ascetic tap
  4. Distinguish between normal newborn babies and those requiring special care and institute early care to all new born babies including care of preterm and low birth weight babies provide correct guidance and counseling in breast feeding.
  5. Provide ambulatory care to all sick children identify indications for specialized inpatient care and ensure timely referral of those who require hospitalization.

The training in pediatric is such that it prepare the students to deliver preventive promotive curative and rehabilitative services for children for both in community and in the hospital as a team in integration with other disciplines as Anatomy, Surgery, Medicine, Gynecology , etc.


  • TRAINING & TEACHING: - MBBS Undergraduate students
    1. IAP quiz is conducted regularly for the Undergraduates, so that learning is mixed with fun.
    2. IMNCI programme has been in corporate in the undergraduate curriculum.
    3. The department has conducted workshops for training of faculty from other medical colleges.
    4. Many CMEs are conducted round the year
    5. ORS week is celebrated every year from 25th to 31st July.
    6. Breast feeding week is celebrated every year from 1st to 7th August.
    7. Nutrition week is celebrated every year from 1st to 7th September.
    8. Global handwashing day is celebrated every year on 15th October .
    9. Adolescent week is celebrated every year from 14th to 21st November.
    10. World AIDS day is celebrated every year on 1st December .
    1. Indoor/Outdoor patients care
    2. Emergencies care in Triage room
    3. Neonatal resuscitation in Labour room & O.T.
    4. Intensive care in NICU/ PICU
    5. Specialty clinics
    1. Immunization
    2. Health camps in collaboration with Department of Community medicine.


Dr. Jyoti Srivastava

Department of Microbiology

"When observation is concern, Chances favors only prepared mind"

-Louis Pasteur

Department of Microbiology is a perfect blend of Academic, Diagnostic & research activities. The faculty actively participates in teaching & corrective evaluation of both undergraduate & Post-graduate students throughout the year, by means of Lectures, Practical demonstrations, tutorials & periodic evaluation of students. The department has a very strong clinical microbiological diagnostic set up actively monitored by the faculty in charge of each section. They are also actively carrying out research activities in their respective fields of interest in Microbiology.

In 2014 the MCI granted first batch of post graduate students to the department of Microbiology by starting M.D. course.

The department has organized several seminars, CME, and workshops. From time to time various eminent speakers of international repute have visited the department for guest lectures.

At present the department is well equipped with almost all the the advanced facility for clinical diagnostics and research work like

  • Automated culture system for blood
  • Automated bacterial identification and sensitivity system
  • Automated and conventional TB culture system (The Mycobacteriology Laboratory of Hind Medical College is also a National certified diagnostic Laboratory for MDR TB diagnosis under RNTCP)
  • Line Probe Assay for MDR-TB detection and XDR TB Detection
  • Line Probe Assay for MDR-TB detection and XDR TB Detection
  • PCR (Nested) System
  • Real Time PCR
  • Virology laboratory with continuous cell line and inverted microscope
  • Immuno-Flourescent microscope

Department having well qualified & experience Faculties for UG and PG Teaching.

Services in Various Laboratories: Department of Microbiology giving Laboratory Diagnostic services of Patient's Samples in respective well Equipped and Furnished Laboratories namely Bacteriology, Mycobacteriology, Virology, Parasitology, Immunology, Serology & Mycology, doing various tests like Culture & Sensitivity, VDRL, Widal, Typhidot, T3T4TSH, Aso, CRP, RA Factor, HBsAg, HIV, HCV, Dengue, AFB Staining, RNTCP Lab, Fungal Culture, Stool Examination, occult Blood.

There are Specialized Laboratories Namely UG Practical Lab, Post Graduate lab, Research Lab, Molecular PCR Lab & Automated Blood Culture Lab (Bactec 9050).

There are continuous research work going on & Publishing papers in National & International Journal Uptill 9 Papers - Published in National & International Journals.

Ongoing Studies - Thesis & research work on

1. NDM - 1 gene detection in Escherichia coli
2. Prevalence of Dermatophytes
3. Hospital Acquired Infection
4. Detection of Candida species & its antimicrobial sensitivity
1- Department is having a Seminar Room & Demonstration room with audio - Visual aids. Departmental Library having books with latest editors, National and International journals available

2- UG Teaching (MBBS)

  • Lectures & Practical Classes conducted by Faculties & PGs Tutors
  • Integrated Seminars
  • Microteaching

3- Departmental Activites

  • Seminars & Journal Club conducted by Post Graduate Students (MD Microbiology)
  • Case Discussions on recent topics
  • Clinical based study - discussion with Senior Faculties.

Other Activities:

  • HICC- (Hospital Infection Control Committee)
  • Doing Surveillance of OTs, wards & IUCs
  • Training, Monitoring & sensitization of health care workers
  • Meeting held regularly
  • ICTC Center under NACO Guideline
  • Paramedical Teaching
  • Teaching of Nursing staff
  • DMLT Teaching
  • CME, workshops & Interactive, interdepartmental seminars conducting regularly to update with latest knowledge.
  • Monitoring of Quality of Air, Water and food
  • Quality control of Laboratory (QA & QC)
  • Interaction and coordination with other clinical department for update and upgradation of services.

PG Curriculum MD Microbiology

Click Microbiology Curriculums.